LIPFC's Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. To have an identity of our game, all our teams and coaches most follow the same philosophy.  We focus on confidence building, Control the ball, and control the game.

Possession of the ball and game is the best way to defend. We teach our players and teams to keep possession of the ball and game at all times. To LIPFC is crucial to have our players know they can win the ball and find a teammate without panic.

We will NOT teach a kick and run game to win.


Our trainings are based on...

LIPFC training is geared to mostly the technical part of the players. Our sessions are closely monitored by the coaches to make sure players are using the correct technique of each drill we run. 

Training sessions are as fallow..

Warm up with ball 


    Ball mastery, Passing & receiving

    Turning to play forward

    Control off the air to play or move into space


    Small sided

    Conserve the possession

    Passing & movement off the ball

    Real game situation in small space

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